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Why am I here??

  Listening to these Persicopes really can get you to thinking. Carla R. Cannon told us this morning as followers of Jesus Christ…why we are here.   She said “God reveals His will to us and communicates with us so we can fulfill His assignment in the earth.” That was awesome to me! Have you ever […]

Do you know where your going to? (remember that song)

I wrote this last year (2014) and I still stand by it.  Know that you have a purpose…and let’s figure out what and why we are here so we can get to work! ****************************************************************************** I feel some type of way when I hear someone say ‘I don’t know what I want’ when it comes to […]

If you are a Christian, then why aren’t you acting like one?

Was having a conversation last night…and the question came up. If you are a Christian, then why aren’t you acting like one? And I believe this is were many get confused and frustrated and the word hypocrite comes out. Let me also ask this…are you a Christian because you read your bible and because you […]

I am not Catholic…but can I say something about the new Pope

I had to laugh at the news this morning…so now they are questioning if the Pope really wants the job because he is not living lavishly like his predecessors. I think (meaning this is just my personal opinion) that many have forgotten what the Book they are supposed to live by commands . 2 Corinthians […]