Just Wanna Live Right was founded in 2012 from a personal desire I had to make changes in my life.  During this journey, I reconnected to my faith in God, stopped some old habits, began to change the way I was thinking and realized that what I really wanted was to just live right.  When I found help and direction my journey became my purpose.

I am a single Mom of 2, a daughter, sister, friend, active in my church, work in my community, teach parenting classes, develop and facilitate workshops…I keep busy ya’ll; and just trying to live right!

I started this blog back in 2011 and 3 years ago allowed this site and blog to become inactive.  But 3 weeks ago, the Lord told me to revive it in the month of September, my birthday month and speak/type what He gives me!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “People need to hear your voice” and I never truly knew what that meant.  Yet, I do know that there is a part that I plan in expanding the Kingdom of God and I want to be obedient in my part.

I’ve learned so much in my Christian walk the last 13 years and I know there is still much more for me to learn.  But what I have learned I feel pressed to share it.  We don’t always think about how our journey in this life could have been easier or more understood if we had some one to share their experience with us…or if we had listened.  I believing that some may not listen, but some may.  And those who have an ear to hear…will take in and receive.

No one but the Holy Spirit gave me true direction in my walk with the Lord.  And what I know I want you to know.  So, I’m starting up my blog again.

I pray that you will gain wisdom and understanding, that you will be equipped to understand and maintain your Christian walk, that you will be saved and that one day…EVERYONE will know him because what I’ve shared with you…you shared with someone else!

Be Blessed

Ms. T. Nikako

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