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Holy Tuesday

As I was led to do a blog about Holy Week.  I will continue to post this introduction…

Most churches have had to scale down their usual services and even close their doors because with COVID 19 creating physical distance from one another; we are not permitted to gather together.  It is important during this time that we remember we all have a personal relationship with God and our continued worship, prayer and time with God should not decrease nor stop because of this.  You are responsible to keep connected.  You are responsible for your prayer time with God.  You are responsible for your worship.  The church building should not keep you from that.  Philippians 2:12 says “Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.”  You are responsible to seek God out yourself.  We usually hear an abbreviated version of the story of Holy Week leading up to Easter, but let’s read it and know for ourselves.  Know about the sacrifice, the pain, the beatings, the determination, the love that Jesus had for us and what he went through to save us!

Read with me today… Luke 20:1-40


During this time the chief priests, the scribes, the elders and the religious leaders tried to crafty and ask Jesus questions hoping they would trip Him up and cause Him to answer in a way that would criminalize Himself.  They wanted Him to say the wrong thing so that they could accuse Him of blasphemy.  But they couldn’t trap Him.  Most times He turned the question on them, exposing their motives.

I’ve always mentioned to those I mentor, check your motive.  You could be doing something that on the outside looks like its the right thing or the nice thing to do…but WHY are you doing it?  What’s the motive?  I also discern the same question when dealing with those around me.  What is their motive?  Everyone isn’t doing it for the right reasons.  Watch your company, those you keep close around you.

Can you imagine people who wanted you dead, because of who you say you come from?  Because of your authority.  Because you are heping prople to see truth and not be decieved by their  lies.  And they follow you and watch you, scheme and plot harm against you?

Vs.18 talks of being ‘broken’ but the word is not looked at as negative.  It is a place of growth if you look at it in the righ way.  The Life Application Study Bible notes say that ‘those who cast themselves on Jesus, submitting their wills and allthat theya re to him, will be broken by him of arrogance, hard-heartedness, and self-centeredness.

All these situations Jesus went through, reminds me to be imitate Him when I’m going through similar times.  Be alert, don’t fall into the trap…but respond with TRUTH and kindness.

I pray you had a Blessed Holy Tuesday.  We will chat again tomorrow.


Proverbs Reading – Chapter 12

The Purpose of Proverbs is to impart wisdom for godly living.

Solomon’s fathering advice to young people and all who seek wisdom will greatly benefit from these wise words.   Discover the source of wisdom, the value of wisdom and the benefits of wisdom.   Proverbs gives practical suggestions for effective living.   They should call a person to action.  The verses tell how you can live in close relationship to Him and offers positive advice that helps you to make good and righteous decisions. –  notes of the Life Application Study Bible


This chapter doesn’t have a titles but has some really great nuggets of wisdom for you.

Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid.  Loving instruction is loving to learn and be taught.  Part of wanting to be taught is being willing to accept correction and to learn from the wisdom of others.  If you can’t take constructive criticism then you are dealing with pride.  Pride is NOT a character trait of Christ or God.

A good man obtains favor from the Lord, But a man of wicked intentions He will condemn.  Sometimes you will see wickedness bring success to some people and wonder how is God allowing that to happen.  Remember, we are given free will to choose good or bad.  The decision is ours.  But the successes we see are temporary. Dishonest people grow more and more dishonest. Evil behavior just turns to ore evil.  The Study Bible says, if you are not a success by God’s standards, you have not achieved true success.  A success that God will be pleased with.

The wicked are overthrown and are no more, but the house of the righteous will stand.  There is  stability with God and with a righteous person.  The wicked will eventually have nothing.  That’s why we continue to hear that the righteous will last and the wicked work is temporary.

The world tells us that we should retaliate when someone talks about you, insults you, or embarrasses you; but that retaliation doesn’t solve anything.  It just encourages trouble.  Instead answer slowly and quietly.  Your positive response will bring about positive results.  We’ll read in the 15th chapter more about that.

Verse 19 says, the truthful lip shall be established forever, but a lying tongue is but for a moment.  You can’t go wrong with the truth.  The truth is God and He is not man, He doesn’t lie.  You can count on everything God says.  He will do what He says.  Truth will last forever.  Lying is a temporary fix.  It is but for a moment.

May sound crazy, but a modest person is noticed more than a person who shows off.  Again another scenario where the modest person is more lasting than a show off person.

Waste has become a way of life for those who have plenty. But waste is a sign of laziness and it is poor stewardship.  Make good use of everything God has given you.

Death is the end of life and for those who do not know God, they may be afraid of death.  Maybe because that is an unknown place and fear of leaving people behind or the pain we are expecting.  When you know the Lord, death is just another step, it is not final; it is the first step into eternity.

Proverbs Reading – Chapter 3

The Purpose of Proverbs is to impart wisdom for godly living.

Solomon’s fathering advice to young people and all who seek wisdom will greatly benefit from these wise words.   Discover the source of wisdom, the value of wisdom and the benefits of wisdom.   Proverbs gives practical suggestions for effective living.   They should call a person to action.  The verses tell how you can live in close relationship to Him and offers positive advice that helps you to make good and righteous decisions. –  notes of the Life Application Study Bible

PROVERBS 3  The title to this chapter is Guidance for the Young

There is a reminder of obedience in the first two verses.  Keeping Gods commands.  Then we are introduced to two important words…mercy and truth.  What more could we want, than for God to find favor with us because we are merciful and truthful.  Your thoughts and words are not enough.  Your life reveals if you are truly merciful and truthful.  What are your definitions of a merciful person and a truthful person?

Verses 5 & 6 are very familiar verses to us.  Many can recite them word for word, but I often wonder if we also apply these scriptures to our lives.  We say we trust in the Lord, but often our actions don’t show that.  Because we take matters into our own hands, especially if we feel God isn’t moving fast enough or the outcome is not turning out the way we wanted.  We then step in front of God to take matters into our own hands; we then show God that we don’t trust Him.  Be honest, have you done that before?  Do you believe that God knows you and your situations better than you do?  So you should trust Him in it, correct?  Think carefully through your decisions, bringing them before God in prayer, seeking out wise counsel from others and using your bible as a guide.  Then follow God’s leading.  Take the time to put ALL things to God, verse 6 says in ALL your ways acknowledge Him.

I actually like verses 7 & 8…”Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and depart from evil.  It will be health to your flesh, and strength to your bones.”  This chapter is guidance for our young people.  ‘Leave’ from evil…’go away’ from evil.  Doing that will be health to your flesh, you will stay healthy…you will stay alive.  How simply stated is that.  How simple…yet true is that verse?  This is one of many reasons I believe that our children should grow up with biblical principles…because it is truth that will not steer them wrong.  It will steer them to LIFE!

The Study Bible states that giving God the first part of your income demonstrates that God, not possessions, has first place in your life and that our resources belong to Him.  What you have is not because of you, its because of the goodness of our Lord.  Everything you have, God has granted access for you.  Please remember that.  Honor God with His firsts and the rest is your resource to manage properly.  Don’t be greedy, be open to give so you can be blessed.  Like people always say…you can’t take the money with you when you die.  There are some people that God has blessed them to be givers.  Are you that person?

Why do so many people dislike correction?  And correction from God your Creator?  God is our Father.  He’s a parent.  Don’t we expect correction from a parent?  Without correction, how would you know what to do?  Correction and discipline are very important parts of our development for both young people and adults.  Because adults can still develop in areas of their lives.  Correction comes into play when learning the difference between right and wrong.  Discipline is very much a part of our everyday life, not just your spiritual walk.  You become successful from hard work and consistent discipline.  And when you choose to live a life dedicated and disciplined for God, nothing compares to the joy of knowing God.

There is so much in this chapter, but I pray that you are reading through with me…word for word.  There is so much to learn.  See you, next chapter.



How would you know the TRUTH if someone didn’t tell you?

Most times, “you don’t know it until somebody tells you.” If it’s not truth…its a lie.

We don’t like people telling us what to do. We feel we got this thing called LIFE under control and we are doing well navigating our way through it. But at some point in your life, someone had to tell you how to do things. Be honest. You didn’t just know how to do life. You didn’t just know how to do things. The reality of it is, we need direction and instruction. In order to get through this life, we will need right direction and instruction.

Think about right direction & instruction for life being your GPS. If you didn’t have it, you would get lost, lose your way, end up in a crash, take some wrong turns and go down one way streets. If you didn’t have right direction and instruction, you would put things together wrong, you would move prematurely, you would forget ingredients, you would be unprepared….do you see where I’m going with this? Compare what I jus mentioned with LIFE. Go back and read it and relate it to LIFE.

We all know life is made up of trials and errors, and making mistakes to learn. The one character trait we should master is being teachable. You don’t have to agree with everything your being taught, but learn to take what you need and leave the rest. And don’t grumble and complain in it. My mentor used to tell me in the beginning of our relationship, “chew the meat and spit out the bones.” You ever see a cow chew? They chew slow. They take time with it. Learn to do that. I always ask God, “what are you showing me, teaching me in this?”

The Holy Spirit is my teacher. Sometimes I get my lessons (direction) from the bible, sometimes it comes to me in prayer or when I’m in worship. I hear it in songs, in a sermon or a video of someone preaching and often times it comes from other people. God uses people to carry His message to us.

I say all of this, to say…don’t despise someone giving you direction, or instruction or TRUTH. Because you don’t know everything. And humans have a tendency to think they do know everything…when in actuality we don’t. And most times, you don’t know until someone tells you. All your life you could have felt like you were right about something until someone brings you the TRUTH and then you realize, all along; you’ve had it wrong. In that moment, Thank the Lord for showing you the TRUTH. Truth sets you free from believing the lie. You walk differently, act differently, you even talk differently when you know the TRUTH.

Don’t despise someone changing your directions. God knows what we have need of before we ask it or think it. and He will use multiple ways to get what we need to us. If I offer some direction to you, I want to teach you something new. I want to give you another way to look at things. Please don’t take it as me judging you…I’m loving you.