The Live-in Relationship

  I woke up this morning thinking about the live-in relationship. It’s actually a very exciting moment for a woman to move in with her boyfriend because to us that is a sign that he really is that into me, we are definitely in a committed relationship and /or we may go to that next […]

Why am I here??

  Listening to these Persicopes really can get you to thinking. Carla R. Cannon told us this morning as followers of Jesus Christ…why we are here.   She said “God reveals His will to us and communicates with us so we can fulfill His assignment in the earth.” That was awesome to me! Have you ever […]

What if God only half loved us?

All through the bible it tells us how to love one another. Also tells us how God loves us. One verse sticks out to me in 1 Corinthians the 13th chapter 4th thru 7th verses, the NIV version says “it keeps no record of wrongs” Love keeps no record of our wrongs. God forgives and […]

Can’t control yourself….that’s a problem!

Can’t control yourself regarding anger Can’t control yourself regarding sex Can’t control yourself regarding gossip Can’t control yourself regarding telling lies Can’t control yourself regarding drugs Can’t control yourself regarding spending money Can’t control yourself regarding cussing Can’t control yourself regarding procrastination Can’t control yourself regarding temptations Can’t control yourself regarding men Can’t control yourself […]

Abuse…we see it but don’t see it?

I just watched a 4 minute video of a guy recording his ex-girlfriend vandalize his car outside his house.  This girl keyed the whole side of his car then drove away, but came back and walked up to his house and busted his kitchen window, then she drove away. While he was outside inspecting the damage […]

Sex toys because you are single….is NOT ok with God

Or depending on THINGS…. I was thinking about this topic all weekend. Sex toys.  When did they become the norm.  When did they become a go to thing to keep you kinda happy?  Because in reality…you cannot be truly happy with anything make pretend. Many single women are using toys with the excuse that they […]

Conversations with God

  So God just had this conversation with me. He said many of us want to be in church for the New Year. You want to start this year right. You want to make some positive change. But you’re allowing doubt to creep in and change your mind. You’re mad at God because you have been […]