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Align yourself with God

As I got up this Resurrection morning…I was set to go to my laptop and finish out writing about Holy week.  But the Lord woke me with this statement.  You must align your life with God.  And that looks different for all of us, because we all have an individual relationship with Christ.  But God needs us to align our lives with Him.  With His heart.  With His mind.  With His ways.  So quickly I am being led to share what He shared with me….


What does it mean to align your life with God?

Well align means to bring into agreement, to bring into proper or desirable coordination or relation, to identify with or match the behavior.

If your life does not mirror the image of God…His character, His attributes, His love.  Then you are out of alignment with God.  What is your lifestyle? Is it in alignment with God?  How do you treat others? What is your conversation about people? How do you behave towards people when no one is around?  What does YOUR life look like?

This is something God wants us to check within ourselves and then re-check again?  Some of you are still doing small little things that you think don’t matter, but they do.  It’s those small foxes that spoil the vine.  The petty little things you think are no big deal but it’s not right. And it’s a big deal to God.  Simple as that.  And some of us still haven’t gotten that side of us under control.  The part of us that still seeks attention, be it negative to make us feel worthy.  That is not an attribute of God.  You don’t have to seek attention or love.. because God has already given it to you.  You just have to receive it.  Scripture tells me…He LOVED us first! You don’t have to show your body to get it, or give your body to get it.  You don’t have to put others down to grab it first, it’s yours already..it’s been there waiting for you to pick it up.

In this time..align your life with God.  He has a plan and a destiny for you, have you asked Him what it looks like.  I believe He has more for you.  Will you position yourself? Will you align yourself?

Be encouraged