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Proverbs Reading – Chapter 8

The Purpose of Proverbs is to impart wisdom for godly living.

Solomon’s fathering advice to young people and all who seek wisdom will greatly benefit from these wise words.   Discover the source of wisdom, the value of wisdom and the benefits of wisdom.   Proverbs gives practical suggestions for effective living.   They should call a person to action.  The verses tell how you can live in close relationship to Him and offers positive advice that helps you to make good and righteous decisions. –  notes of the Life Application Study Bible

PROVERBS 8  The Excellence of Wisdom

This chapter reads like a poem to me.  Speaking of so many important values of Wisdom.

The study notes state that wisdom is portrayed as a woman who guides us, makes us succeed, was present at the time of creation and works with the Creator.  That those who hate wisdom, love death.  And wisdom should affect every aspect of one’s entire life.

Imagine if we could be a people where all the words of our mouths were with righteousness; nothing crooked or perverse be in them?

Wisdom says…I AM understanding, I have strength.  Just as with the Lord, those who diligently seek wisdom will find her.

Wisdom was there from the beginning of time.

Pride and arrogance are the evil way.  Love for God and love for sin cannot coexist.  Throw evil ways away!

Re-read this chapter and pull out the words or sentences that stand out to you.  Meditate on them.  What is God saying to you?  Journal what you feel God is saying to you and what your hearing in your heart.

And please share in the comments.