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Proverbs Reading – January 2020


The Purpose of Proverbs is to impart wisdom for godly living.

Solomon’s fathering advice to young people – but all who seek wisdom will greatly benefit from these wise words.   Discover the source of wisdom, the value of wisdom and the benefits of wisdom.   Proverbs gives practical suggestions for effective living.   They should call a person to action.  The verses tell how you can live in close relationship to Him and offers positive advice that helps you to make good and righteous decisions. –  notes of the Study Bible

PROVERBS 1                                                                                                                                                     The 3 titles of this chapter are…The Beginning of Knowledge, Shun Evil Counsel & The Call of Wisdom.

We are given a clear statement of the purpose of this book in the first verse…to impart wisdom for godly living. 

Encouraging us “to know wisdom and instruction.  To receive the instruction of wisdom, justice, judgment and equity.  To be cautious, have knowledge and discretion.  These are all simple yet, very important statements.  All characteristics that we can carry throughout our lives.  How many times can you think back to moments, and decisions that you could have made better, had you used wisdom and been cautious?  Oh how this same advice can be given and used with our young people even now.  In the Study notes, it states that wisdom means far more than simply knowing a lot.  It is a basic attitude that affects every aspect of life.

The first step to wisdom is “fear of the Lord.”  This is the beginning of knowledge.  All knowledge comes from our Creator, God.  We can never know all that He knows.

Scripture calls a fool, the type of person who is a know-it-all.  A person who is closed to anything new and pushes their opinion in an arrogant manner and as right.  Instead, be the person who is open to learn; especially from those who can give you solid-sound advice/counsel. A fool in this book is also someone with a character deficiency.  Not someone who is dumb.  but someone who is lazy, rebellious, led by anger.  Someone who is unable to tell right from wrong or good or bad.  Be teachable.  You will be learning for the rest of your days.  God sends people to helps us walk through this life, learn to glean from them and take from them.

Be a positive and godly role model to your children.  They learn from parents and caregivers first.  We are their first teachers. They learn their morals and values from us.  Don’t confuse them with an unstable Christian life.  Show them how to depend on God and teach them right living.

Chapter 1 also talks about sin and sinners.  We are all sinners saved by grace.  Yet, when we chose to live for Christ, we have made the decision to walk away from sin.  We have to learn to NOT be enticed by it.  To not let it pull us in and make decisions that are not pleasing to God.  The study notes state, “we can’t be friendly with sin and expect our lives to remain unaffected.”  When you chose to follow Christ, there was something in you that wanted change in your life.  It’s a desire that we all have when God speaks to our heart.  Change will happen when you encounter God, but it does require you making choices and changes in your life to create order and a stable Christian walk,

God’s wisdom is something you should want to become comfortable in.

God wants us to seek out His wisdom, and is willing to pour out all that we need; but we must be willing to receive it, willing to listen, willing to humble ourselves and not be prideful in our own human wisdom.   Foolish pride is thinking we know better than God and refusing to heed His direction.

Lastly, the 1st chapter speaks of the “fruit of their own way” which is the consequences of your own decisions.  It’s simple you can either choose God’s wisdom or continue to walk in your own rebellious independence, doing things on your own.  The consequences of your own choices will be your fruit.  And it will destroy you.  Verse 31 says, therefore they shall eat the fruit of their own way, and be filled to full with their own fancies.  Verse 33, but whoever listens to me will dwell safely and will be secure, without fear of evil.

God will show you the truth and will always be with you and cover you when you chose Him!  I find comfort in knowing I have Him by my side.

I would love to hear what verses stood out to you in this 1st chapter,  Comment and let’s talk more.  Feel free to also ask questions as well.







Control yourself…

Can’t control yourself regarding anger

Can’t control yourself regarding sex

Can’t control yourself regarding gossip

Can’t control yourself regarding telling lies

Can’t control yourself regarding drugs

Can’t control yourself regarding spending money

Can’t control yourself regarding cussing

Can’t control yourself regarding procrastination

Can’t control yourself regarding temptations

Can’t control yourself regarding men

Can’t control yourself regarding women

Can’t control yourself regarding gambling

All these things and then some others will eventually create problems in your life if you have no control over them. I have the feeling many of us have allowed situations to run free with no boundaries and no restraints that now it has become almost a norm in our lives.  We’ve allowed it so much room and dominion that we have lost control of it.  It rules us.

In 1 Corinthians 9:27: Paul is talking to the people of the Corinthian church and telling them that he must discipline himself, and keep his body under control. He does that to be an upstanding example to the people he is preaching to.  He won’t tell you to do it and he doesn’t restrain himself also.

“But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection” (KJV)

“Instead, I discipline my body and bring it under strict control” (ESV)

But this also shows you that there is a solution to this issue. You can control yourself by keeping your body under subjection, disciplining yourself.  Saying…NO

Then there is Galatians 5: 22-23, that says “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control

Here we are shown that the Holy Spirit gives you a gift of SELF-CONTROL. So if you didn’t have it before, when you give your life to Jesus Christ you will receive the self-control you need to withstand the temptations of the world.  You will now have the Holy Spirit power within you to say NO.

Learn to use this power to crucify the affections of lust and regain back control over your life.

Remember, not all lust is sexual, meaning the things you want are not always sexual things, i.e. gambling, money, status.

Take some time to think about your life….are there situations, things, people that you have lost control in? You can’t function without them? It’s becoming unhealthy?  People mention or complain about it to you often? You lose time, sleep, and major moments in life because of it?

Take it to God. And find someone you trust that you can talk to you about it.  Someone who can give you godly advice.  I say that because if you are seeking the things of God….a worldly person cannot give you those godly answers.

Self-control is very important to your Christian walk. Because the devil uses temptation as a way of getting us off course, we need to learn early how to say NO.  And control ourselves so we don’t go back to old habits that kept us in sin.

I am praying with you.