A NEW thing…with NEW wine

I’m feeling led to share what the Lord gave me for yesterday’s Christmas service.  This not all of it…but here is something to feed your spirit. 

God is doing a NEW THING, which means it won’t look like the old, it won’t look like it’s always looked.  Scripture tells us that He will, so it is NOT abnormal.  The religious spirit will dismiss it and say it’s not God; because it won’t look like the regular.  But that is how you will miss the move of God. There is NEW WINE for this NEW thing. The new wine is the Holy Spirit.  The way the Lord is moving thru the earth; you will need the Holy Spirit to guide you. Because He is coming to encounter you in a way that He never has before.  This is NEW territory…NEW terrain…NEW valleys…NEW mountain that you will have to trod thru so you will need a tour guide so to speak.Some are in preparation/process now,  some have stifled theirpreparation, some completely walked away from their process, some are scared and some are not ready.  And some are ready!Dont miss what God is doing…it will spring forth, don’t you see it?!I’m praying tree hat you won’t miss God, that you will encounter Him in a way that moves your heart towards Him and that you connect with people who will help you grow spiritually in the NEW!

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