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Happy New Year…2015

  We look forward to the great things that God will show us in this new year! Be Blessed ~ Love Ms. Taz Just Wanna Live Right, Inc. Advertisements

How not to make excuses for bad choices…

2 Peter 1:3-11 The love of our God, the salvation given to us through Jesus Christ and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit are all we need to live a Godly life, a Holy life, a life that God is pleased with. That is it.  Nothing more…nothing less.  This is how we know that the […]

I’m stuck…how do I change?

Making change can seem overwhelming, unattainable, or even scary.  We start thinking, ‘Oh gosh I got too much going on and there is no way I can live right, no way I can just stop doing this, no way I can put order to this mess!’ We always want to add ‘nobody’s perfect’ as an […]

Who said you couldn’t have it?

You are not out of order because you expect good things from God. If you are living in obedience to His will…you are actually entitled to His promises. But your heart must be clean…you cannot go before God asking, if you are holding something against someone.  Mark 11:24 ~ I tell you, you can pray for […]