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Abuse…we see it but don’t see it?


I just watched a 4 minute video of a guy recording his ex-girlfriend vandalize his car outside his house.  This girl keyed the whole side of his car then drove away, but came back and walked up to his house and busted his kitchen window, then she drove away. While he was outside inspecting the damage of his car she literally just missed hitting him with her suv because she came back again and slammed into the back of his car. She then got out her car again and broke 2 of his car windows and started walking up to him but he went in the house to avoid any interaction with her.
Yo…that was ridiculous!  And it was a woman doing all of this!

And he said he had a restraining order, 2 open court cases on her and child services is now involved because she was violent and abusive, breaking his tv’s in front of his kids but called the police and said he hurt her.

My goodness!

I was exhausted just watching all of that!

I have to say it…we will see ALL the Red Flags and pay no attention to them, but end up in the worst situations with people.  But, I will also say that most times we are not in a good place in our own lives which is why the enemy can slide in and create chaos in our lives.

If you are in a situation like this…PLEASE get out now.  That is not love, you will not miss the good sex, don’t think you can help them be a better person, bad company corrupts good character.  And if this is you who is the abuser, don’t get mad because scripture calls you bad company.  Right now in the state that you are in…YES, you are bad company.  Your not in a good place.

I believe it’s situations like this that are the reason why we should seek God about the people we want to bring into our lives.  If you are a Believer, you will listen to what the Lord is saying to you and He would have told you NO!

Being connected to the Lord not only gives you blessings and prosperity but it also gives you a level of safety.  Being connected to the Lord keeps you aware of the enemy and his tricks, his schemes, his destruction.

Everyone deserves to be loved and God loves all of us, despite our issues.  But people who are abusive, violent, destructive, dangerous need the love of the Lord to heal them, not you. God’s love covers a multitude of sin and if they accept Jesus into their heart they can become brand new!

But I just needed to say out loud that if you are in that place of abuse…GET OUT!     Get your emotions in check.  I will always say this…reacting out of your emotions will never have a good result.  And if you are the abusive…pray to God for help and then go get it!

Your current situation is not your future.  You can change it.  And the Lord has sent your help.  But you have to step out of your situation to get it.  You have to make change…to get change.

That video got me feeling some type of way….I’m praying for you.

Ms. Taz


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