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Sex toys because you are single….is NOT ok with God


Or depending on THINGS….

I was thinking about this topic all weekend. Sex toys.  When did they become the norm.  When did they become a go to thing to keep you kinda happy?  Because in reality…you cannot be truly happy with anything make pretend.

Many single women are using toys with the excuse that they have no one to have sex with.   But we are forgetting that sex was created by God for pro-creation and an intimate, pleasurable, covenant act with husband and wife.  Yet, we have lowered it to you and a plastic toy.  God is not pleased.  How about not having sex?  How about not using your body for things that don’t fit in with God’s plan for you.

I have to say that I’ve come to realize that most things Gods has created for us, we have used our own common knowledge and perverted it.

In the bible, Sex, is always mentioned in the context of a loving relationship between husband and wife. When and where did we get off track with pornography, toys, group sex, sex before marriage, think about it…we are having sex with people we clearly don’t love and sometimes barely know well.  (You know their nickname but not their real name, you know their friends but not their parents or siblings, and you know where they hang out but not where they live.)  I’m talking about this because I want you to look at some of the situations in the world with a different view.  A God-view.

Let me add a PSA that because I am a Christian, my basis is the bible. If you disagree, then we probably don’t have the same beliefs.  Which is fine, but not worth any argument.  Because if you believe in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit then you are in agreement with what scripture says.

Sexual immorality…let’s define this word.

According to GotQuestions.org,

Sexual immorality is surrendering sexual purity or any type of sexual expression outside the boundaries of a biblically defined marriage.  Impurity. Defilement.

Immorality is immoral quality, character, conduct, wickedness, violating moral principles

Fornication is any sex outside of marriage. If you are not married to the person, it is fornication and it is considered a sin.

I listed a few scriptures that speak about Sexual immorality. These are just a few scriptures I choose to reference, but there are many more.  This is to give you some background understanding of why God desires for us to live pure and holy lives.  Away from anything that will defile it.  This is not to make you feel guilty, but to renew your minds.  Help you to look at your body as belonging to Christ and your husband, not temporary people and temporary things.

1 Corinthians 5:1 calls out sexual immorality in the Corinthian Church because someone is sleeping with their father’s wife. (Their Step-mother)

1 Corinthians 6:18 says our body is for the Lord, to be used as an instrument of righteousness to holiness. And should not me made an instrument of sin.  We are to be one in our body with Christ.

Jude 1:17 Sodom & Gomorrah was a town filled with every kind of sexual perversion. A town God destroyed because of the sexual immorality.

1Thessalonians 4:3 says it is God’s will (plan for your life) that you should be sanctified; that you should avoid sexual immorality.

Colossians 3:5 reminds us to put to death your sinful, earthly nature within you. And it lists: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed.

Ephesians 5:3 asks, are you a true Believer or an imitator of God. Sexual immorality, any kind of impurity or greed is improper for God’s holy people.


I wanted to blog about this because I know that sex toys are not pleasing to God, but I don’t feel many people know this or understand this. And how do you know if you’re doing something wrong if no one tells you?

Sexual sins are hard to fight. I can testify to this and speak defeat to this spirit because I once struggled with it and overcame it.  And I know that you can overcome it also.

As Believers, the Holy Spirit has given you the gift of self-control. Take control over your body.  Say NO.

Say no to the temptation, say no to sexual immorality, and say no to defiling your body.   You’re imitating an act that was created for your husband or wife.  Treat your body better.  Our thoughts should be pure, our behavior should be pure, and our conversations should be pure.

I’m praying for you and know that I’m here as a support also.

Ms. Taz

Stay Blessed

Just Wanna Live Right


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