Conversations with God



So God just had this conversation with me.

He said many of us want to be in church for the New Year.

You want to start this year right. You want to make some positive change. But you’re allowing doubt to creep in and change your mind. You’re mad at God because you have been having talks with Him, but you think He is ignoring you. He said there are days when you are very receiving of Him and what He’s saying, you’re in agreement. But then you get mad at him and on those days you shut Him out.

God wants you to know that He is a true and living God, and He hears you, He hears the prayers, He sees your struggles. And He needs you to position yourself to receive from Him. Put yourself in a place where you can hear from Him, where He can send people to you, where you can get healing and help. Are you open to hear Him?

You’re hindering the communication He wants to have with you. It is great to pray, yes…but are you then taking time in the quietness to hear back from Him? Did you know that God will speak to you in His Word? Reading the bible can answer a lot of your questions. Many of you have created a dislike for church and you refuse to go, but that is also another way that the Lord will speak to you, He will feed you, will strengthen you, will connect you with what you need. There are also times when God is asking something of you, but because you won’t obey, you block your blessing from being released.

Sometimes our lives are so loud that we can’t hear God when He’s talking to us. I always encourage those I mentor or teach to get into a place of silence. When you’ve made up your mind to walk this walk for Christ, draw away from all the outside distractions and get into a quiet place where it’s just you and God; and get to know Him.

Be consistent. Make your choice and stick to it. The reason why the enemy can put doubt in your mind and have you debating if you want to spend time in the presence of God, is because you have not made up your mind. Make your choice and stick to it. Believe that Jesus is Lord and Savior of your life. No one can take away your belief!

And then do what is right. Right is always the best choice, the best decision.

Stay Blessed and choose Christ this New Year!

Ms. Taz


2 comments on “Conversations with God

  1. May the blessings continue to overflow in your life. Merry Christmas!

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