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Do you know where your going to? (remember that song)

I wrote this last year (2014) and I still stand by it.  Know that you have a purpose…and let’s figure out what and why we are here so we can get to work!



I feel some type of way when I hear someone say ‘I don’t know what I want’ when it comes to life or relationships or making decisions.
If you don’t know…then where are you going? What’s your direction in life? Especially when they have children. You have the responsibility to lead, nurture and raise a life but no direction?

We ALL have our own individual purpose for being here on this earth. We a re living on purpose…not by accident. You have something to give, do, accomplish, create, assist. Figure out what it is. Find the path to your destiny walk.
If you are just here living day to day your not fulfilling what God has placed in you to birth. And no one can do it but YOU!

Listen….you already know what I’m trying to do with my life, if you read any of my posts. So if you need some help getting there…contact me.
2014 is all about working towards a more responsible, mature and purposeful YOU!!!


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