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How is your relationship?


Even when we know…it’s not good for us, why do we still indulge in it?
Even when we know…something is not to right with that, why do we still push forward in it? Even when we know…we want better, why are we still repeating the same bad mistakes.

When will we make the effort to choose what’s good for us instead of giving in to what’s wrong for us? No self-control. If you can so easily give in…you are not taking command of your self-control. Bring your flesh into subjection. Take captive all thoughts to the obedience of Christ Jesus.

Stop living reckless, Stop taking the easy way out, Stop choosing out of your emotions. You can become stable. You can have healthy relationships. You can have a drama free lifestyle. You can make better decisions. But you have to choose it. And it won’t come until you move some other things out of the way.
I realized that my dating workshop was really about RELATIONSHIPS. How to have healthy & positive RELATIONSHIPS. (not all relationships are with boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife…they are also with co-workers, family, peers/friends). But I got a question for you…how many of us are including God in our relationships? Asking God to helps us pray for the other person. Asking God to help us with our anger. Asking God to help us to love them again. A major portion of our woes and troubles and depression come from a relationship.

I encourage you to do a self-examination of you, your life, your children, and your level of happiness. An honest assessment. Let God show you how He wants to create order in your life. If everything is gravy and you have no issues…then you good. But if you find something that you could work on…do something about it. Don’t ignore it anymore. Unresolved issues always create more problems. Little things WILL turn into big things.

I am starting my workshops back up soon, now that it is warmer.  Contact me for more info.
Come be a part of the conversation.
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