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Restoring The Lost Petal…. a book review

Restoring the Lost Petal

A journey through the loss and restoration of sexual purity

By Danielle Tate

 This story was a great personal testimony of how Danielle overcame the circumstances in her life.  Although the bible is our life guide and can be used to help us in any circumstance or situation, we as human beings do not always make the right choices.   This book told me a story of how a woman just like me, came face to face with life’s struggles, made mistakes, and endured some bad choices; but in all of that she found victory.  That when you seek God and boldly set your fears, your sins, your brokenness, your mess before Him…He will forgive you and set you free from the bondage.

God is a forgiving God and Danielle shows us this great Love of God in her story.

 I was drawn to the purity section of the book because these types of conversations are so needed in the world today.  Our young women do not know, do not understand and need constant reminders of the Worlds standards vs. God’s standards.  My volunteer work is with young women and in the future would like to use this book as a reference to create the conversation with them. 

 Soul ties are real and damaging and many of our young people have no idea that they are living and functioning in unhealthy relationships because of this.  Danielle covers this in her book. 

 I also enjoyed the ‘Reflection’ sections in the book that give you an opportunity to make note and identify key areas in your life. 

 I applaud Danielle for encouraging her readers to get in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  You can’t enjoy the fullness of our Lord and Savior if you don’t get to know Him in a personal way.

 Overall, this was a great read.  It was informative and easy to understand.  I believe it would be a great book to share in a youth bible study, a teen group, retreat etc.  And I also think this would be a good read for new believers.  I pray those who are looking for answers within themselves will find this book and that it will give them some direction in their lives.  I truly believe that God uses people to help people and Danielle is doing just that with this book.

 Continued success Danielle as God uses you to train up the young women in the Kingdom.

 You can order copies at her site http://www.mtfw.net/restoring-the-lost-petal/

 God Bless


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