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I wanna talk about DATING….

So I have officially considered myself ‘available’ to date.  For a while I just kept to myself and focused on me and my relationship with God.  Almost scared to venture out because I didn’t want to get distracted in my walk with God.  (I know how satan works…he is devious and will do and use anything or anyone to side track you).

When I decided to make some changes in my life and be serious about my walk with God, I had no idea how my new life was going to fit into my old life.  But I trusted God and followed him.  One of the first things I HAD to do was stop some of my old habits, stop going to my old hangouts and hanging out with the same friends.  Not because they were awful people or places where dangerous or harmful to me.  I was making a genuine effort to change my lifestyle which meant that I didn’t have much in common with my friends or the places anymore.   It was a little awkward at first but when I allowed God to make the transition it went pretty smoothly.  People are not gonna miss you as much as you think LOL believe me.  Life will go on.  Same party…different night. But one of the biggest things I did was take myself out of the worldly dating pool.  I just removed myself.  No, I’m not hangin’ out tonight. No, I’m not up for company tonight.  No, I’m not going out.  On a few occasions I did say and explain that I changed my life, I’m in the church now.  The responses to that statement is a whole ‘nother blog post LOL.  But I spent some much needed time with God.  That real alone time that we don’t get because our lives are so busy and full of people, places and things.  We don’t really sit in His presence and listen to Him.  We may sit and talk to Him.  But do we listen…then obey…then apply it to our lives.  If we did, I think there would be more stories of our experiences with God, rather than our complaints and our mistakes.

So I spent a few years, almost 5 to be exact…working and building on my relationship with God.  And during that time…he was also working and building on me.  I was learning to love myself and be loved by God.  I was learning to be a servant of Christ and how to help others.  I was being pruned and transformed.  One thing I do know…is that God has someone for me.  That special someone is hand picked from God for me…so I need to be in the right place to be ready for him.  No extra baggage, no trust issues, willing to be in a relationship, available to be loved and give it in return.  I needed to learn about the love of God before I could be responsible for who gives me to love.

I’m facilitating a Dating Workshop and I talk about boundaries and self-control.  And in learning and setting your boundaries, you are forced to look at yourself.  Your worth, your values,what you will allow and what you won’t, how responsibile you are and your respect for others.  God has been showing me many things about myself and I’ve been very patient and open to the process.  I’m in a much better place now because of Christ in my life and no way would I have been ready to handle the responsibility of a healthy God-led relationship 5 years ago.  I would have messed it up.  1) Because I would have been trying to do it on my own, without God 2) and emotionally, mentally and spiritually I was not mature enough.

I plan to take you on my journey with me.  Please comment and leave your suggestions.  As I talk with other women…we are ALL on this same journey.  I can’t quite figure out when or why dating and relationships got to this place, where so many women are single.  But I’m gonna look around and see what’s going on.

Pray for me as I pray for you.

Be Blessed

Ms. Taz


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