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Don’t be afraid to make your wrongs right…

I do believe most times we have an idea how to work out our problems..making it right is not an easy or comfortable road to take.  Sometimes we may not be sure how to take the first step and sometimes we are afraid to.  One thing I know for sure is that God does not wish for us to go thru anything by ourselves.  There is someone you can go to….but maybe you aren’t bold enough to go to them, ask for help.  I can guarantee you are not the first person going thru that particular situation…believe it or not we all have similar ups and downs.  I’m gonna say it again….find someone you trust, shows evidence of having Christ in their life and use them as a support.  I say look for Christ in their life  because a true believer will live to please God which equals to loving you and taking care of you, and helping you in the ways of God.
God says He will never leave us nor forsake us…meaning He will never fail you nor abandon you.  He will send you help…but you have to be bold enough, trust Him enough to take it.   If God is telling you to go ask for help…GO!  If God is putting a desire in you to go to church..Go!  If God brings you across some literature that looks like it could help you…follow up on it!  Nothing is coincidence…God knows what He is doing.
Think about helping yourself in this New Year.
Be Blessed
JWLR, Inc.

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