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There is a KING in you…

I’m listening to this song right now, Donald Lawrence –There is a King in you, and it immediately reminded me that we are celebrating the season of a King being born.


The lyrics say:

You come from royalty

An aristocratic dynasty

The goal of the enemy

Is that you don’t know who you are

There’s power when you speak

Be mindful of words you release

I know life has challenged you

But the King in me…

Speaks to the King in you

You were born to rule



So I am encouraged to remind you that you come from ROYALTY and you have already been given the authority to rule over all your situations.  They no longer control your thoughts, your emotions, your day, your family, your marriage, your children, your finances….your words are THAT powerful when they are backed by the holy one…that’s why I say so often to be mindful of how you talk and what you say.  You speak death into your situations when all you can say is ‘it won’t get better’ ‘I can’t do anything about it’ ‘it’s no good’ ‘it’s the end’ ‘I give up’….but know that Jesus is the ruler over all things on this earth.


Be encouraged and trust God…He hears you and is working it out for your good. Be patient in Him.


Be Blessed

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