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Jesus is for you too, you know

It amazes me the conversations I have with people and they will tell you about a family member who is very much into God, lives a righteous life and they love to hear them talk about the Lord and they see the love and joy that they exude…but yet they do not strive to want that same life for themselves.

So it makes me wonder if they believe that the same life is also attainable to them. You do know that God can use you in the same way. You can be so full of the love and joy of God that someone else will be drawn to your light and want to hear you talk about the Lord. Preachers, Ministers, Bishops, Evangelists, and Deacons etc…are not the only people who are supposed to take the Word of God seriously. We all are. The word of God says Be ye holy for I am Holy. In that small statement I don’t see a list of only certain people who He has called to live the righteous life. Be ye = Be you. He was also speaking to YOU!

But  maybe your thinking.. I’m not sure where to start?

When I was curious about this righteous life, I wasn’t sure how to do it or how to be in it.  But God says that if you seek Him with all your heart you will find Him.
Be Blessed

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