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We are moving forward…

Now that we are getting closer to completing our next phase (to become a registered 501 c3 organization) I wanted to share with you some of our planning prep.

Our purpose is to create programs that will support young parents, offer workshops for those who want direction in a ‘right way’ of living according to scriptures, and host social events that provide an atmosphere and environment for fello…wship, where people can comfortably make the choice to “Just Wanna Live Right.”. My motto is “when you make better choices, it begins to affect other areas of your life.”

I believe that God wants to be included in our lives and in our decisions. He wants to see us make progress and succeed. Just Wanna Live Right will offer the support needed for positive change.

Please keep us in prayer…that we stay close to God and open are ear gates to ALWAYS hear from Him.

I believe that we are in a time where God is looking for more of us to renew our relationship with Him, and become more concerned with the things of Him, than with the things of this world.

God is readily available to us…but we are not choosing Him.
But, then some of us are just not sure how to include Him. That’s where JWLR comes in…contact us. Let’s talk.

Be Blessed

Developing healthy & positive lifestyles…



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