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All you do is complain…

Philippians 2:14
Do all things without murmurings and disputings:

A few other bible versions used thes words: grumbling, arguing, complaining, fault-finding

I’ve been meaning to share this lil story with you but I got distracted…and then I woke up with this scripture on my mind, I’m gonna share.

I had to bring my car into the shop the other day, I was a lil aggitated that I had to deal with… it. Meaning I had to take the morning off from work, sit in this shop for who knows how long and wait for my car because I didn’t have anyone to help me drop it off. And this place wasn’t all that nice to me the last time I was there…but anyway I go.

I get there and the owner tells me he is going to put me in a rental because he wants to spend time with my car to make sure all problems are fixed. I was probably in and out of that shop on my way back home in 15 minutes. As I’m driving away…in my mind I’m grumbling, ugh I dont’ really like this car, *kisses teeth* its all big and old looking, feel like I’m driving my grandpa’s car, they better not have my car too long I have somewhere to be this weekend…you know going on and on and on – complaining.

But then I feel a conviction…a pause…like my spirit saying why are you complaining?! The shop is trying to be thorough with your car, that’s why they are keeping it for a few days, you still have a vehicle that you can get around in (and don’t have to put gas in it to return it!) and now you won’t be late going into work. What are you grumbling about? I’m so grateful for the Holy spirit who keeps me on track. I immediately stopped talking to myself. And started Thanking God for favor and smoothing out the situation for me. Told Him I was sorry for trying to find something wrong…for tryng to be a grump and create a bad mood.

I said all that to say….we can very easily find fault with something. But the bible clearly tells us not to.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 says be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.

If your tongue is not in agreement….close your mouth and just smile LOL and to block the thoughts in your mind…just say to yourself over and over…Thank you Jesus…Thank you Lord!

Be Blessed!


One comment on “All you do is complain…

  1. This is one to live by. I find myself reminding myself that I have so much to be thankful for. Like when I want to complain about the dishes or cleaning the house, I immediately remind myself that there are those who would be so happy to have dishes to wash and a house to clean. That puts me right back on track immediately. It is hard sometimes but we must always remember that there is a blessing in every situation whether we see it right away or not.

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