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Get to know HIM…your relationship with God

I encourage you to create, nurture, build and mantain a personal relationship with God. Get to know God for yourself…let Him show you how to be with Him.

I had a random conversation one time with this guy on the phone (selling something). He asked how my weekend was going and what were my plans for tomorrow (Sunday). I said, “Oh I’m going to church” He says, “you know what tomorrow is my day …off I could go to church, me and my kids.” So I encouraged him and told him that is what we as parents are responsible for, to make sure they know God. He went on to tell me that he knew God because his Mom goes to church and she prays for him.
So I tell him thank God for his Mom, but now that he is old enough, especially to have his own family…he needs to have his own personal relationship with God. Not a second hand one from his mother. If you are given the opportunity to know God follow thru with it. Seek out more of Him. Everyone has the chance to know who He is Romans 1:20 says that His creation alone shows that He is real. Read his word to understand him, the bible says “My people are being destroyed because they don’t know me.” Do you really know God? Are you living a life that please him?

Everyday I strive to have a closer relationship with God. It is great knowing that I have a friend who is constant in my life. I never have to question if he will be there.

Where are you in your relationship with Christ? Are you…
creating it…
nurturing it..
building it…
maintain it…
Get in…where you fit in LOL but don’t go another day without Him.

Be Blessed


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