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Doers of the Word

Was having a conversation today about our responsibilities as Christians. That you have to do more than just say that you believe in God. Immediately afterward I was led to this scripture and it hit the nail right on the head.

James 1:22
But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves.

Thank you Lord for showing us your word and how …to apply it to our lives. In my research of this scripture I found this.
“There must be inward practice by meditation and outward practice by obedience.”

Christ demands that we be obedient to the will of God…and carrying out the will of His Heavenly Father as a condition of entering the Kingdom of Heaven

Matthew 7:21
Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord shall enter into the Kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my father which is in heaven.

It is not enough to remember it, repeat what you hear in a sermon, give testimony to it, commend it, write it and preserve it. We must be doers of the word. This cannot be done by our own efforts or works. Our salvation and God’s forgivness comes through faith AND repentence which is made possible by the gift of grace and the sacrficial death of Christ. Put sin to death and present yourself to God as a living sacrifice.

How do you do this?
The gift of grace is what makes you capable of doing the will of God and living righteous. Grace, the power and spiritual life are continually given to you through Christ. This is why your relationship with him is so important. A close relationship with Christ makes all these things available to you.
It’s a continual process of praying for this grace, receiving it and putting it into effect by sincere faith and a serious intention of being obedient to God’s will. If His word says you shouldn’t do it…dont do it. When you choose to make your own choices rather than God’s…you are being disobedient.

Be Blessed in your walk.


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