Wanted — *Single Christian Man*

I didn’t forget about my blog…I’ve just been so busy and trying to find time to fit everything in.  Life can be a bit much sometimes!

My faith is ever increasing and I look first for the Holy Spirit to lead me…I don’t want to just write about anything on my blog, I want to write about my spiritual walk and how God is separating me from the natural to live more in the spiritual.  Relationships (as you know from my past blogs) has continuously been on my mind.  Being single, I want to be in a relationship that is brought together by God.  I’m finding that this is not something that just happens and it requires a lot of patience.  But I trust and believe that God knows the right person for me and in His time he will reveal that person to me.  But in the meantime…what do I do? 

I’ve thought…so I’ll just sit and wait…and wait…and wait. LOL But really how does this work.  I don’t belive God will always plop your wants right on your doorstep and ring the bell for you to come answer and get it.  I do believe Faith without works is dead.  And I have to make an effort, that is in line with him, to begin to receive what He has for me.  But in regards to a companion or dating…how does that work.  Where do I even begin?

I’ve been single for some years and now that I’m actively seeking a relationship as a Saved woman…I’m kind of feeling lost.  I really don’t want to date anyone who is not Saved also because we live differently.  For instance…I don’t go out to have drinks anymore so that environment/atmosphere wouldn’t be a common place for us.  Sex before/without marriage is out of the question for me!  And many men who I know don’t see that as realistic and can’t be in a relationship unless sex involved at some point.  So already there are conflicts with me dating a man of the world.

I already know that the man in my life….must be Saved and Love God!  So that narrows down my search…which I feel is a good thing…but ummm where do you find single christian men?  My church home doesn’t have any.  And they don’t walk around with a sign on their necks LOL so again…where do I begin?

Let’s have a conversation about this…

Just Wanna Live Right



3 comments on “Wanted — *Single Christian Man*

  1. I can so relate! I don’t know where to begin.. but i know i have to make an effort. Everyone around me believes “it’s time.” I’m not actively searching… but i’ve learned to be open to dating again. But i don’t wanna just date to just date. Dating anyone is not hard.. but finding a man of God is the hard part. Pray & wait.. and be open. That’s the only solution I have. Praying for you and your journey in finding the man He has planned for you. =)

    • Thank you for your response. I agree, I think that will be my hardest challenge…finding a man of God to date. They are not just sitting all around me in abundance. But I’m hopeful and I am willing to wait til God sends him my way. But in the mean time, I am trying to get out ans meet people. Because I have become comfortable with my own company. LOL

  2. Here’s the thing, really amazing Christian guys (like the kind that Christian books tell you God has waiting just around the corner for you) want more than a woman who is waiting on them. they want someone who is independent and happy, not just pursuing Christ abstractly, but actually doing something with their life for him, someone who is beautiful and sexy (yes Christian men want that, but trust me they don’t ONLY want that), someone who can be ok without the man in their life (but better with him!), who knows that being a good wife is more than a girl who shares his faith and waits for sex but is instead a hard worker, someone who isn’t looking to be a “Christian stay at home mom” as a cop out for real work, dedicated and honest, who doesn’t tell guys “I don’t play games” so they will think she really doesn’t, who treats a man with respect and doesn’t bad mouth him to her girl friends . . . . if you are one of these women – I’m shocked a guy hasn’t picked you up already. Maybe you are living in the wrong part of the country 🙂 There are plenty of guys here who are tired of waiting for the women in our town to grow up! I live in the most Christian city in America and there are maybe 1 in 1,000 women who fit the bill. Maybe. But trust me the guys aren’t doing so hot either. So I can see your concern.

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