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How often?

I was doing some research online about dating.  I’m on this inner-mission to get into people’s heads to learn what  and how they think of dating.  This one poster mentioned that she feels its difficult to form any kind of connection with someone if your only speaking or texting with them 1 time a week or less.  But I also get the feeling that if its a situation of casual dating, then the interaction is not expected as often.

I have to say…that does make sense to me.  Granted we all have busy lives nowadays and don’t have much time for anything (well that does depend on the priority) but most of us don’t interact as often as, say we did when we were younger with less responsibilities.

But I myself could make more time to reach out to people so I know it is possible if you really want to…again, depends on your priorities. And I, personally would like to hear a voice now and then.  Not just words on a screen.

How do you get to know someone.  You spend time, right?  Either talking or hanging out, right? There has to be some interaction on a regular basis, wouldn’t you say?  How do you find out if your compatible with that person?

I see this guy every morning on my way to work, he speaks to me every day.  I probably have more interaction with him than I do with someone else I’m interested in.  Hmmmm…I just had a thought. LOL


Dating tip #1

Regular interaction is needed to make and keep a connection. How often and how you interact can be decided together.



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