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The chase…

Had a conversation this morning..more ‘Dating’ talk LOL.  I asked her the same question I have been pondering…if contact with the other person should be regularly.  She was saying that she never really had to engage in the chase because the man always pursued her.  It was established in the beginning that there was a common like and they just went from there.  She has always been in longterm relationships and the man usually let it be known and kept after her to keep the connection.

I do remember those types of beginning relationships…when I was younger.  He liked me…he called or came to visit, etc.

But I must admit, I don’t see much of that right now.  I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, but….hhhmmm and I can only speak for myself.

If he is communicating once or twice a month can I call that pursuing?  Or one time a week?

Then I have to also wonder, well maybe he is wondering the same about me.  Am I picking up the phone to call him?  A woman should know her place and allow the man to come to her, but I’m thinking that she could be initiating some interaction also by calling, texting…or just reaching out to him.  I don’t think she should do all the work, but she can be active in it.

Dating Tip #2

Be open to make the connection.  Initiate some interaction. 



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