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Happy Sunday…

Quick note…cuz I’m getting ready to step out the door.

But why do Weddings and Funerals bring out the worst in people?

These are 2 occasions where your twin (the evil) should not be showing their face.  It’s a time when, yes, emotions are high and there is probably a major feeling of being overwhelmed…but evil, hatred, spiteful, stubborn, backstabbing, competition are not welcomed!

If you see someone allowing their evil twin to come out at one of these situations…should you tell the person (the twin)…SIT DOWN & CUT IT OUT! or do you not say anything for fear of them lashing out at you?

Oh yeah…here’s another question…

Do you stay away from the person and the situation because of their behavior? Choose not to attend?



One comment on “Happy Sunday…

  1. The evil twin almost got Aunt Betty. 2 of her neices were disrespectful to her on the phone and she was hurt. She told me she had to hang up. So I had to tell her daughter.

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